Characters Least and Most Likely to Appear in the ‘Mad Men’ Series Finale


With the Mad Men finale just mere days away, we have to come to terms with the fact that we will never see some of these beloved characters again. So who will come back, who won’t come back, and who do we wish we’ll get to see one last time?

Definitely Not
Characters whose final scenes were fitting moments. Where will they go?

Megan – She’s bankrolling her starving artist lifestyle with Don’s $1 million check, and trying not to get murdered by the Manson family.
Glen – He’s well overseas by now, fighting the good fight and hopefully not (but probably) dying. What a waste of a great pair of sideburns.
Lou Avery – He’s somewhere else overseas, developing Scout’s Honor for Japanese audiences. That sonofabitch might actually be successful at something.
Arnold and Sylvia Rosen – Don’s not in the city anymore, let alone in that building, so the chilly encounter with Don in the elevator earlier this season is the last piece of comforting he’ll ever give to the Rosens.
Jim Cutler – We’ll forever remember Jim by his last line, “It’s a lot of money!” I wish I had known he was just getting bought out and wouldn’t be back for this half season. He and his huge glasses were a delight.
Bob Benson – He’s in Detroit, probably courting a charismatic lady who doesn’t mind being his lifelong beard. I bet he even has someone else bringing him coffee now.
Paul Kinsey – Did Kinsey ever make it to L.A.? Did he leverage the money Harry gave him and buy Mother Lakshmi a house in the burbs? Did his hair grow back normally? Wherever he is, I’m sure he’s miserable.
Sal Romano – I held out hope for so long to see Sal again, but alas, I do not think our favorite closeted art director will return. GD Lucky Strike.
Ginsberg – Ginsberg is strapped to a bed in a room with no sharp corners, trying desperately to receive transmissions from his Martian brethren.  Let’s hope for the sake of his remaining nipple that he doesn’t need to relieve any pressure soon…
Jane – She’s likely attending more LSD trips with her uber intellectual friend group, still moping over how Roger “ruined” her new apartment.
Mona – She’s happy with her second husband who appreciates her cougar qualities, taking care of her grandson  and scolding Roger every now and then.
Margaret/Brooks – They divorce. Brooks finds a new wife with a rich father who will actually give him money, and Margaret gets knocked up, marries one of her hippie guys, goes by Beverly and starts a weed blueberry farm.

Probably Not
Their send-offs weren’t the greatest, but does it make sense for them to be in the finale?

Ken – Is it fitting that Ken’s last moments were telling Pete to shove it? Perhaps not, but I like imagine Dave Algonquin will eventually retire back home to Burlington, VT to write the great American sci-fi novel.
Trudy – She has gotten her happy ending, which is not something anyone else on this show can say. Trudy’s going to ride into the sunset on a Learjet to her new rural life in Wichita.
Duck – Who saw Duck reappearing in the first place? Good to know he’s finally succeeding at something other than drinking.
Meredith – Poor Meredith. I doubt Jim Hobart let her keep her job after failing to keep Don on a leash. The good news is she’ll no longer go down as the ditz, but as arguably the best secretary that Don ever had.
Freddy Rumsen – The man who got Don Draper to get his shit together. His job is done.
Gail/Kevin – If Joan has any more final moments, it will have to be either between her new man or her family. If we’re lucky, it’ll be both.
Ferg – For the love of all that is holy, please, no more Ferg.
Marie – The likelihood that Marie and Roger stick it out is slim. And at this point in the series, do we really care who Roger’s messing around with?
Stephanie – We’ll see Stephanie only if Don makes it to California, or if Stephanie’s not hanging out with the Manson family trying to kill Megan.

Most of these characters’ finale appearances are dependent upon other characters returning.

Henry – Unless Betty makes an appearance, we’ve seen the last of Mr. Francis, crying with Sally over Betty’s diagnosis. Who knew he had such a heart?
Ted – He’s happier than he’s ever been as a cog in the wheel of McCann. He’ll enjoy his boxed lunches until he’s ready to retire with an average, but clever, lady copywriter.
Bobby/Gene – Depending on where Don is going, and whether or not he makes it back to New York, Don’s sons may have seen their last scenes with Sally in the kitchen.
Jim Hobart – Jim will only return if we follow anyone back to McCann, scowling and grumbling about the rotten apple that was Sterling Cooper and Partners.
Harry – When last we saw Harry, he was happy as a clam in his new position. The entitled jerk got everything he’s ever wanted. Good riddance.
Richard – We’ll only see this hotshot again if Joan has additional scenes, and if he’s going to ride in and sweep her off her feet to a life of luxury and without advertising creeps.
Pete –Though he’s one of the major characters, his arc went full circle in the penultimate episode. He’s secure in his career, family, and manhood for the first time in his life. Pete’s been put through the ringer on this show. Good for him.
Betty – With the news of Betty’s cancer, I can’t think of a better final moment than hearing her letter to Sally as she ascends the stairs to a what she’s always wanted. Knock ’em dead, Birdie.

Characters I desperately want to see one last time.

Stan – I need one more quip. And one more look upon that glorious beard.
Dawn – I’d be most disappointed if Dawn doesn’t have one last scene. She’s the new Peggy in her own right and I’d love to know she’s going to succeed.
Peggy – The image of her sauntering down the halls of McCann, cigarette dangling from her mouth, shades on like she’s Guy Patterson, Bert’s risqué painting under her arm, is enough for me to feel confident in Peggy’s future. Even still, I’m not ready to say goodbye to her.
Roger – His organ playing at the old SC&P offices is not enough. Will he stay? Will he retire? Will he and Joan have a final moment?
Joan – Oh, I hope so. If nothing else, Roger and Joan have been through so much together that I want to know they’re still on each other’s side. And I want to know what she’s going to do with the rest of her life now that she’s walked out of her job.
Sally – I’m most confident she’ll have a final scene before she leaves for Madrid. Her relationship with Don is too important for the phone call in the last episode to be it for her.

Who else but…

Don – The only person that I’m certain will be in the finale. Considering Matthew Weiner’s prediction that the final episode will garner mixed reviews, there’s little guessing what will happen and who will be involved. Where is Don going? Will he go to back to New York? Will he find out about Betty’s cancer? Will he die? Or worse, will he become D.B. Cooper? I know better than to try and predict, and all I know is that I trust Weiner’s judgement. Well, at least I do now. We’l see come Sunday night.

BONUS: Ghosts?
Weiner’s penchant for the supernatural has come up more than once. Will we see it in the finale?

Bert – I certainly didn’t think he’d reappear after his extraordinary send-off last year, but since he returned recently, he probably won’t make it to the finale.
Rachel Menkin-Katz – Her swan song was sung in the first episode of this half season. Don’s made peace with this ghost.
– He was too much of a sad sack. His ghost would bring the whole mood down.
PFC Dinkins – He showed up once before, but that was in more of a hallucination than as a ghost. Doubtful.
Adam – Also, showed up as more of a hallucination.
Anna – Her ghost’s first appearance was beautiful, could she return to give Don some perspective?
The Actual Don Draper – Oh shit. What a mind fuck that would be.

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