It’s a Ghost Itch: ‘Orange is the New Black’ Recap for ‘Bed Bugs and Beyond’

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Who else noticed Lucy scratching her head under Daya’s bunk last episode? Because I did and figured it was just a kid doing kid stuff. Nope. Little Lucy most likely brought Bed Bugs into Litchfield. And while the infested clothes are being stripped away, so is Piper’s pretension.

Piper’s history of playing innocent goes back to the first season. Her M.O. at the time would usually manifest in her finding herself in some unfortunate circumstance, succumbing to the raw emotions of the moment and act irrationally, then throw herself a pity party. Soon thereafter she’d throw up that unfortunate crying face and someone would tell her it’ll all be okay. More recently, she’s figured out how to take at least some responsibility for her actions, but will still skirt around the truth for her own betterment. But in “Bed Bugs and Beyond,” Piper learns that her little white lies are not without consequence.

Right before Piper’s furlough last season, Red basically begged her bunkmate to visit her store and to bring back word on how it’s doing in her absence. Turns out, it had closed. But upon returning to Litchfield, in a moment of confidence and mercy, Piper told Red that “business was booming.” Why? Because it made Red happy, that’s why. And Piper went to bed with a smug smile, believing she had done some good. Also last season, Alex was having a hard time on parole. She was paranoid that her ex-crimelord boss was coming for her, and so on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Knowing that Alex had a gun, which violated her parole, Piper effectively snitched on Alex in order to get her out of that situation and likely back into Litchfield. And Piper went to sleep with a smug smile, again, believing that meddling in the affairs of other people’s lives did some good.

Piper was caught in both of those lies in this episode. Red calls her out on telling her that the store was “booming,” and while Piper backpedals and quotes an NPR show to justify her actions, Red remains unconvinced: “You are a selfish little person. You wanted me to like you. Now I like you less.” Then, Piper tries it Red’s way when Alex believes that the brutal truth is way better than ignorance. She tells Alex the truth, and when Alex flips out Piper is momentarily gratified in her little white lying. She may as well have said, “Look! This is what happens when people know the truth! They get mad at me!”

Piper’s lack of foresight is the cause of most of her problems, but so is her WASP-y, privileged upbringing. In general, she doesn’t act much differently than her mother when she finds out her husband is cheating on her. Don’t acknowledge it, look away, turn your attention to something else. Piper behaves like the denial of uncomfortable truths is the way to solve problems, and that any problems that may arise are never her fault because her actions were rooted in good intentions.

For the first time, Piper is realizing that she may in-fact be manipulative. “From what I see, to get what you want, while telling everyone how clean you are, you play dirty.” From now on, no bullshit from Piper Chapman. Just really hot revenge sex in the library.


– Bennett is having a rough time of it. Aleida and Daya are starting to believe that the baby should be adopted by Pornstache’s mother, as she suggested. He goes so far as to propose to Daya to prove to her that he’s committed to their life together, but a visit with Cesar and his baby mama makes Bennett second guess his plan. There’s very little wiggle room here.
– I wasn’t crazy about Bennett’s flashback. We already know he’s a good guy, but I guess we found out how he lost his leg.
– Just when Caputo’s on top, he finds out they’re closing Litchfield. I really appreciate the duration of the script’s vagueness. They really pulled me along.
– Nicky goes out on a limb and asks Luschek to sell their heroin, and turns out, he has no morals! No shocker there. Now, where has the heroin gone?
– It’s good to see the girls backing up Crazy Eyes. Her lack of Vee should be an easier transition with their support.
– Best line of the episode: “I will potato her at a future time.” – Crazy Eyes, who else?

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