The 3 Most Manipulative Characters in Season 4 of ‘Orange is the New Black’


It’s a real feat to stand out as a bad guy in a show that is literally fully of criminals. Maria’s done a pretty good job of flexing her tyrant muscles this season. Piscatella is your standard bad guy, not excessively villainous, but enough not to trust. And then there’s all of the white supremacists. But of the litany of new characters introduced in season four of Orange is the New Black, three stand out as the worst, most manipulative people in/around Litchfield.

3. Linda from Purchasing

Ugh, this bitch. She’s actually my least favorite person on the show in general, but that has more to do with my distaste for corporate bullshit and general bougie-ness, of which she has plenty. But Linda from Purchasing is the total worst because of how much she’s wrapped Caputo around her finger, influencing his every decision as warden of Litchfield. And she’s never even been to a prison!

2. Judy King

She exploits her influence as far as it’ll go in any situation, and in most cases people are so completely taken by her celebrity or charisma that they’ll oblige. It’s all well and good if there’s a feeling of camaraderie, but worst part of how Judy behaves is how she changes people with no regard to their feelings. As much as their relationship was a sham, Cindy feels jilted by her fair-weather boo. Yoga’s having a severe identity crisis at the hands of Judy King, and Luschek been pressured into having sex with prisoners at least twice. And Judy will continue to get away with her behavior long after she’s out of Litchfield.

1. CO Humphrey

This guy is the worst thing that has happened to Litchfield in this entire series. Remember when Pornstache was the bad guy? I mean, he was bad, selling drugs to inmates in exchange for sexual favors, among other things. But I think even he would be appalled at the sadistic moves of CO Humphrey. His behavior goes beyond Stanford Prison Experiment power trips into something darker and downright evil. His manipulative mind games caused Suzanne to lose her shit on Kukudio, and who knows what’ll happen to her for severely assaulting an inmate? I wish they hadn’t dug up the garden. I’m sure we could’ve made another six one-foot holes for this guy.

And more!

Best line of the episode: “But we’re also people when there are no people around.” – Yoga Jones. It’s a good, introspective line that puts a lot of what happens on this show into perspective.

Thank you!: For taking another opportunity to humanize Healy and completing Suzanne’s backstory. Both were beautifully sad.

Questions: Did anyone else think Healy was really about to kill himself? When will Caputo show the hell up?! Will they be onto Humphrey?


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